A roof repair is a great way to ensure that your roof lasts for many years to come. There are four main benefits of roof repairs, and they include: protecting the interior aspects of your home from water damage, prolonging the life expectancy of roofing materials, eliminating roof leaks, and reducing energy costs. 

Keep reading to learn more about what a roof repair entails or if you want help with deciding whether or not you need one for your residence.

Roof Decking

Roof decking is the layer of material that sits on top of your roof’s sheathing and under your roofing material. This layer must be repaired since it is important for protecting your roof from water damage. If there are any problems with this layer, it can cause leaks and other roofing problems.

Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is a metal or plastic sheet installed at the roof junction, where two different roof surfaces meet. The main purpose of roof flashing is to prevent water from seeping between these surfaces and damaging the roof decking and insulation below. Roof flashing can be made from various materials, including roofing felt, aluminum roofing material, copper sheets, and galvanized steel.


Underlayment is an important roof repair that homeowners should have done. It will cover the roof of your home and protect it from water damage, mold growth, mildew, etc. One thing to note about underlayment is that not all roofs require this kind of repair because some are made with materials that don’t allow water in, so the underlayment is unnecessary.

Some types of roofing materials that need underlayment:

  • Asphalt shingle roofing
  • Wood roofing
  • Clay or concrete roof tiles
  • Slate roofing

Drip Edge

Drip edge is a roofing term that you may have heard before but might not be familiar with what it is. Drip edge is the roofing term used for the metal or vinyl edging installed along roof eaves and gables to prevent water from running down the roof sheathing and under the shingles.

Work With Roofing Experts in Frisco, TX

A roof repair is a necessary part of home maintenance. Without it, your roof will eventually deteriorate and need to be replaced sooner than you would like. The roof can last for decades with proper care and regular roof repairs. 

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