Roof Hail Damage Inspection and Repair

​When a hail storm hits your home, the first thing you should do is assess if your roof has been damaged. If you can, walk around your property to see if any damage is visible to any part of your yard including gutters, window trim, fencing etc. If you notice anything, write down a description of the damage, date and time you recorded the info, and the severity of the storm. Hail damage done to your home’s roof can be hard to detect. Severe roof hail damage can go unnoticed for weeks until it becomes a big problem. But how can you tell if it’s damaged? It’s best to call a full service hailstorm restoration expert like Copper Tree Roofing & Construction.

​If you see any hail marks, dents or damage, you need a roof inspection. At Copper Tree Roofing and Construction, you can get a free comprehensive analysis of your home. Our premiere experts come out and provide an in-depth report of your home and surrounding yard. They’ll review your roof, point out any damage or potential weak spots, and give you an estimate along with pictures of your roof.

Also, at Copper Tree we will work with your insurance company, so you don’t have to.  Let us handle it and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way. Hailstorm Insurance Claim Assistance

You need not be home for the inspection. Just give us a call 214-387-7663 or send a request for a free inspection and estimate.

Free Inspection

If you live in Collin County, your home may have been impacted by the hailstorm that swept through North Texas March 24, 2019. Your roof, fence, gutters, windows etc. could be severely damaged.  It was reported that the hail reached up to baseball-size as it went thru Collin County and North Texas. This damage was primarily in McKinney, Craig Ranch, Allen, Plano, and parts of Frisco.

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