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Every roofing project has a story.

The story of this Highland Park roof has a great ending!

“Our hard work and experience deliver results that will give your roofing story a great ending. That’s our promise!

Why we are a top Residential Roofing Contractor

We are a Roofing Contractor that will complete the entire scope of work, including managing your insurance claim. Most homeowners don’t realize that the cost of their roof repair is based on what the insurance company is going to pay, not the quote a roofing contractor gives them. If you find a contractor to complete the work for less than your insurance company’s estimate then the insurance company will happily realign their estimate to match your lower price. The insurance company is always excited to save money!

When choosing a residential roofing contractor, choose one that will properly replace your roof and will professionally work with your insurance carrier. What makes Copper Tree Roofing a top residential roofing contractor is we experience and expertise to not only get your roof properly repaired, but also to get your insurance company to pay for all repairs needed.

What Makes us different

Quality Work

We remove all the felt under the shingles to completely expose the wood deck beneath. Again, believe it or not, this is also not common in the industry. Most roofing companies cut corners and simply lay the new felt directly on top of the old felt. This eliminates the possibility of identifying rotten decking that needs to be replaced and also jeopardizes any manufacturer’s warranties that may have otherwise been available.

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Customer Care & Service

We typically complete a reroof project in one day, and the entire scope of work included with any ordinary hail or wind claim in a week or less. We refer to this process as ‘Wave Construction.’ Once the wave begins, there’s no stopping until everything’s finished. We have at least one active trade at your home each day until the project is done. We also pride ourselves in leaving your property cleaner than when we started.

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