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Insurance Claims For Roof Restoration

We Handle Your Claim With Care

At Copper Tree, we consider ourselves to be your partner when dealing with your insurance claim. As your partner, we want to protect you from other less professional roofing companies and also provide you with a positive customer experience. We work cohesively with your insurance company to make sure your entire property gets restored.

We Partner With Policyholders.

If you’ve never filed a claim before, the process can be intimidating and confusing, especially when dealing with the financial components. Do you know what you should or shouldn’t say to an adjuster? Do you know what type of damage to claim and how significantly this can impact the success of your claim? Do you know how to claim your depreciation?
This is why Copper Tree Roofing likes to be involved with your claim from the very beginning. We can help you avoid making costly mistakes and will guide you through every step of your claim process. Our staff has experience working directly with your insurance carrier to ensure you have the best experience possible.


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