Additional Home Services

As a roofing company, our focus is on roof repair and replacement. However, sometimes your home needs other repairs such as the gutters, windows, fencing, painting and more. At Copper Tree, we want your home to look and be at its best. In addition to roof repair, we can evaluate your home for other potential repair areas, and if we deem it necessary, we can fix those areas.

Gutters – Typically, gutters need to be uninstalled before a new roof can be placed. In some cases, the gutters are attached to the roof. Gutters are at a risk of being damaged during uninstallation and reinstallation. Sometimes the only option is to have the new gutter system installed before your new roofing system.

Windows – The main reasons to get your windows replaced are energy bills, window operation, decaying frames and leaky windows, soundproofing, and condensation. If you’ve noticed any issues like this, bring it up to your contractor and they’ll assess if repairs are necessary.

Fencing – If you have to replace more than 20% of the fence boards, it’s better to go ahead and replace the entire fence rather than get it repaired.

Painting – Here are some signs that your home may need a fresh coat of paint. Some signs and reasons to refresh your home’s paint: flaking, bubbling or cracking paint; hardened caulk; fading paint; patching stucco; the color morphed; to boost curb appeal; the house is new; or before the paint chips or peels.